Known in Bulgaria for his mission among the Pomaks (Muslim Bulgarians), a priest from a Muslim family, Boyan Saryev, said that the Rhodopes can declare their autonomy because they are in the hands of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), a party supported by mostly Turks and other Muslims of the country. A significant part of the Muslims of Bulgaria lives in the Rhodopes.

“The Rhodopes are in the hands of the MRF. They are little by little preparing for autonomy. It, in effect, already operates – but not yet territorial, but political,” the priest said.

“All political and economic power in the Rhodopes belongs to the MRF, cultural and religious autonomy operates. It remains to make one step and declare territorial autonomy. And this step will be done: Turkey needs to be expanded.” He urged the Bulgarians to be ready to defend their territory, noting that with the destroyed army and the defense system this will not be easy.

“Islam in principle claims to world domination, and in recent decades it has been using any means to spread its domination,” the clergyman believes. “The immigrant wave that we have been seeing for several years is one of the means of capturing Western civilization by spreading Islam on its lands. Look at how fast mosques are being built in Western countries, how the number of Muslims is growing there! All this not only for the sake of meeting their spiritual needs, is part of a deeper global plan.”

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