The pace of development and implementation of the Saudi plan for the Islamization of the Balkans is developing systematically and covering several countries at once, so that the spread of Islam would seem to be a natural phenomenon, in terms of so convenient and ubiquitous “tolerance” promoted by the European Union.

A marketing move called “tolerance” works well in Europe, where Islamic centers, schools and various outlets offer, not only get acquainted with Islam in the form of literature, but tempt with beautiful outfits.

And while the same European “tolerance” foists a complete moral decline, legalizing gay marriages, the degenerative Islam gently lures the cult of education and full condemnation of terrorism, promising to give the world what is needed.

For example, the construction boom of mosques is not only a necessity and one of the main priorities in terms of Islamization.

NGOs in various Balkan countries are pouring money from Saudi Arabia into the construction of Islamic schools, mosques, teacher training centres. Everything is thought to the details – much more carefully in psychological terms, in comparison with the American project of ISIS.

Education of love for faith, full dedication and correctness, with a generous and beautiful appearance, erects not just mosques, but a new road, which sooner or later everyone should follow.

With such a virtuoso performance, the construction of mosques can not be suspected of Islamization.

Thus Saudi mosques differ from traditional mosques and preach a quiet jihad, figuratively speaking, they are in fact the most powerful geopolitical tool for spreading not only in the Balkans, but throughout Europe.

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