A wide response was received about the missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall in Denmark. On August 21, in the Baltic Sea off the coast of the Danish island of Amager, the police found a female body without arms, legs and head. An examination of DNA confirmed that it is the missing Kim Wall, reports the BBC.

On August 10, Wall went to Denmark to interview an indigenous inventor of one of the largest submarines in the world, the Nautilus, Peter Madsen. During the interview, the submarine sank, Madsen was rescued, and Wall disappeared. First, the inventor said that he dropped the journalist immediately after the conversation, and he does not know anything about her future fate. But later, under pressure of evidence, the man admitted that an accident had happened on board, as a result of which Wall died, and he had to throw her body into the sea.

The boat was lifted from the seabed and towed to the port of Copenhagen. Swedish and Danish investigators set a course on which the submarine was on the day of the journalist’s death. On August 21, near the island of Amager, near Copenhagen, they found a female body without arms, legs and head. After that, Madsen stopped responding to questions from the police. An examination of DNA confirmed that the body belongs to the missing Kim Wall. The police believe that what happened is not an accident, but a deliberate killing, and the submarine’s inundation had a purpose to hide it.

Madsen designed the Nautilus submarine in 2008, and made it himself. 

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