Israel supports Russia’s participation in the memorial project at the site of what was the Nazi death camp Sobibor in Poland, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

“We, including myself never forget the historical role Russia and the Soviet army played in the victory over Nazism,” Netanyahu said.

“The Israeli parliament reaffirmed this just recently. As you know very well, Mr. President, this is the reason why I initiated the idea of erecting a special monument in Netanya commemorating the Liberator Soldier, the soldier of the Soviet army. You attended the inauguration of that monument. In that context Israel cannot oppose Russia’s participation in a very important project at the former concentration camp Sobibor.”

Netanyahu recalled that the uprising at the Sobibor camp was led by a Soviet officer of Jewish descent. He thanked Putin for his personal decision to extend assistance to World War II veterans residing in Israel. “Holy cause,” Putin remarked.

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