Andreas Zafiris, a historical writer, journalist and international observer gave News Front short commentary on biological laboratories of the US in Ukraine: 

In the case of Iraq and Syria, the US used the “chemical weapons” argument to justify two warfare that had as result more than one million people dead. 

The lies of the western media were a basic weapon in this war.  The Western media construct the “signs” and the “proofs” and the same time hide the truth. 

The biological war prepared by the US against Russia is a real-life scenario. A scenario stemming from the desperation of the US leading circles that seek their place in the world is constantly weakening. A scenario that will turn Ukraine into a desert with skulls and threatens the whole of Europe with Armageddon.

The peoples of Europe have no interest in identifying themselves with the interests of the US elites. Their interest is peace in Ukraine and in Europe. Their interest is in requiring to stop all US aggressive actions against Russia (biological weapons, engagement in Ukraine, troops in the Baltic States, Naval exercises in the Black Sea, etc.)

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