Lithuania’s Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) has met to discuss violations of local and EU law by the Russian language channels RTR Planeta and TVCI.

In a statement, it says that a programme shown by RTR Planeta on May 31 was the second such violation of the Law on Public Infromation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Euroepan Union Audiovisual Media Directive.

The latter must be complied with by all broadcaster sunder the jurisdiction of the EU, including RTR Planeta, which is registered in Sweden.

As a result, the LRTK has launched a consulation and informed all interested parties, including RTR Planeta’s owner VGTRK and the Swedish regulator. All parties have been given 15 days to comment, after which sanctions can be imposed on the channel.

Meanwhile, TVCI is under Russian jurisdiction and is being investigated for a programme broadcast on June 10. It, too, faces being banned in Lithuania.

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