Students and academics took to the streets of Sanaa to protest against the arrival of foreign military in Yemen, Sunday, including a Saudi military brigade in the port city of Aden and US forces in the eastern province of Shabwa.

SOT, Amin Al-Gish, Sanaa University scholar (Arabic): “The foreign presence is totally rejected, considering that this is an occupation and a violation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen. We are a people that cannot accept being invaded by foreign forces, let alone reject any action that would prejudice the sovereignty and independence of Yemen.”

SOT, Mansur Tamish, university student (Arabic): “Yemen is not for sale. We will not hand over Yemen, and we will not hand over the port of Yemen, and we will not hand over any inch in this country. We came out to tell the world that we are steadfast and ready to respond and will not be lazy and will not compromise.”

SOT, Hussam Al-Ahdal, university student (Arabic): “Our land will accept an occupant, this title with which we reject all the armies and invadors that arrived in Shabwa – whether the US Marines or other armies or the Marib of their mercenaries and the United Arab Emirates – and we refuse to see any foreign army or mercenary on this country.”

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