Serbia withdrew all its diplomats, at the moment there is no single Serbian diplomat in the building of the Serbian diplomatic mission in the Macedonian capital.

The Macedonian authorities revealed that the entire diplomatic composition of Serbia was called for consultations in Belgrade after receiving a special note.
According to information in the Serbian media, the reason was unofficial information that Macedonia intends to support the membership of the quasi-state of Kosovo in UNESCO.

Later, an official statement of the Serbian Foreign Ministry is expected.
According to information received from high-ranking sources, Macedonia will offer for consideration in UNESCO a vote for the adoption of Kosovo, which will turn into a reason for Serbia to reconsider the recognition of the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

However, this is another escalation of the prejudice between the Balkan countries in recent months. Foreign policy analysts see this as a Western direction.

Serbian President Alexander Vučić said that embassy officials in Skopia were withdrawn in connection with security measures and sufficient evidence of competent services regarding offensive actions against Serbian authorities and institutions.

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