The main suspect in the commission of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Younes Abuyacoub, could flee to France, the Spanish edition of HispanTv reports with reference to the head of the regional police of Catalonia Josep Luis Trapero.

“We do not have accurate information on this, but, in all likelihood, he could do it, “Trapero said, answering the question about the possible location of Abuyacub.

Among all the terrorists who participated in the terrorist attack, Younes Abuyacub is the only one whose location has not yet been established.

On Thursday afternoon, the van pulled into a crowd of people in the Rambla pedestrian street in Barcelona. Responsibility for the attack was taken by the “Islamic state” *.

A few hours later the car drove into a group of people in Cambrils, 120 kilometers from Barcelona. In addition, one of the terrorists attacked passers-by with a knife.

According to official data, as a result of the terrorist attacks in Spain, 14 people were killed, 130 injured, so far, more than 50 people remain in hospitals. In addition, the body of a Spaniard in a Ford Focus car was found, it was stabbed by an unknown person.

Law enforcement bodies of Catalonia state that the terrorist group included 12 people. Four of them were arrested, five were liquidated after the act of terrorism in Cambrils, presumably two or three died before the attacks in the blast in a house in Alcanar, where terrorists were preparing bombs. Another, according to sources, disappeared. The pedestrians in the center of Barcelona, ​​allegedly committed a 22-year-old Moroccan Yunes Abuyakub, who lived in Ripole. It is not ruled out that after the terrorist attack in the center of the Catalan capital, this man stole the car, killed the driver and hit a police patrol.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia

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