Moldovan President Igor Dodon believes that certain political circles in the United States are interested in the deterioration of relations between Chisinau and Moscow and in the possible escalation of the situation around Transnistria. This opinion he expressed in an interview with TASS, commenting on the expulsion of a group of Russian diplomats, the ban on the entry into the country of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and other anti-Russian attacks by the government of Pavel Filip.

“The leaders of the ruling Democratic Party of Moldova are trying to enlist the support of the United States, where there are influential political circles interested in intensifying confrontation with Moscow, and we see them stepping up pressure on US President [Donald] Trump to prevent a constructive dialogue with the Kremlin. Patrons in the West, the Democrats are against my policy of restoring a strategic partnership with Russia, which is regularly organized by demarches against Moscow, “Dodon said.

According to him, the rating of the parties that are part of the ruling pro-European coalition, after eight years of government has fallen dramatically, their leaders are afraid to lose the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2018. For this reason, the media they control recently have been trying to frighten voters with the “militaristic plans of imperial Russia.” Dodon drew attention to the fact that the Chisinau government, accusing Rogozin of insulting them, “like water in their mouths, when their Romanian colleagues talk about plans to eliminate Moldova and its association with a neighboring country.” “On the part of the Russian leadership, for example, I have never heard such appeals,” he said.

At the same time, Dodon believes that politicians who are not interested in restoring Moldova’s cooperation with Russia and solving the Transnistrian problem are in Moscow and Tiraspol. “These are those who parasitize on the split of our country, earning a lot of money on this,” the president is sure. In his opinion, “his colleagues from Romania who are not interested in solving the Transnistrian problem are helping him actively.”

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