Russia and other guarantors of the Astana process on Syria (Iran and Turkey) are taking proactive steps to prepare for another round of talks, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

“Russia and other guarantors (Turkey and Iran) and observers (Jordan, the US and the UN) of the Astana process, Kazakhstan, the government of Syria and delegates from the armed opposition groups participating in the ceasefire have been taking proactive steps to prepare for a sixth international high-level meeting on Syria in Astana,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

It pointed out that one of the main results of de-escalation in Syria, brought about by the Astana process, was the opportunity for various parties in Syria to focus on the struggle against terrorism.

“We hope that the patriotically-minded part of the Syrian opposition will get increasingly involved in that uncompromising struggle in both military and ideological terms,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The previous Astana meeting on Syria was held on July 4-5. The next one is scheduled for the end of August.

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