Police in Catalonia say they have thwarted another potential terrorist attack in the town of Cambrils, just hours after a vehicle attack in Barcelona killed 13 and left more than 100 injured.

Five suspected terrorists, said to be wearing explosive belts, were killed by police in the town of Cambrils, around 100km south west of Barcelona.

Seven people, including one police officer, were injured when a car was driven into them in the early house of Friday.

One is reportedly in a critical condition.

Local media reported that the vehicle overturned, and when the attackers got out of the car they were fired upon by police. A number of controlled explosions were then carried out.

ffoicers say the situation in Cambrils is now under control, and that the explosive belts were fake. Police said the Cambrils attackers were connected to the first attack in Barcelona.

Authorities are now linking the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils with an explosion at a house on Wednesday evening in Alcanar that left one person dead and several wounded. Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero said that those at the house in Alcanar appeared to have been ‘preparing an explosive device’.

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