Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni Mamani voiced his support for Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly in an exclusive RT interview from Moscow on Wednesday. 

SOT, Fernando Huanacuni Mamani, Bolivia’s Foreign Minister (Spanish): “If we look at the history of US intervention in the affairs of different countries – Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan… I could continue this list of countries in which the USA intervened. What happened in these countries as a result of this intervention speaks for itself. Crises are not resolved but rather worsened. What do we see? The intervention crisis and, as a consequence, the collapse of these countries. So the intervention is ineffective way. And I will say more, the hegemony of the Western world and the Empire [USA] came to an end. Today, a new multipolar world order is being laid down in which all peoples will be able to choose their own path, to establish their own democracy in a completely different format, trying to build balanced relations between the countries, instead of the hegemony, which the USA seek.”

SOT, Fernando Huanacuni Mamani, Bolivia’s Foreign Minister (Spanish): “We, the fraternal countries [of Venezuela], proposed to establish a dialogue between the opposition and the government. The dialogue is the only way that will allow us to solve important domestic issues. Venezuela selected the National Constituent Assembly, which is a great opportunity to reach consensus and to discuss the future development of Venezuela. Bolivia went through a similar stage when, through the Constituent Assembly, we were able to create a multi-ethnic state. And it helped us within the constitution to start our own democratic process and find our own methods of solving urgent problems in Bolivia. And we are convinced that the path chosen, the National Constituent Assembly is 100% democratic. It’s the perfect format for dialogue. The Constituent Assembly is the best format for dialogue that creates the state given the demands that we face. This is the format in which all sectors of society, including workers and teachers can talk to each other and come to agreement on various issues and challenges which Venezuela faces. This is the format created by democratic means as a tool for decision-making, conducting a debate within the Constitution and for developing constitutional solutions which are necessary for every country.”

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