Poll shows number of Poles seeing Russia as threat decreases by half

Polish citizens currently fear Islamic terrorism and Russia most of all, however, for the majority of people in the country the Russian threat is no longer as big as they thought three years ago, according to the results of a recent poll published by the Rzechpospolita newspaper on Thursday.

The paper noted that 40% of those who took part in the survey consider Russia to be a threat to Poland, while in 2014, 83% of the respondents said they thought so. Twenty percent of the Poles described Islamic terrorism as the major threat to their country’s security, while 11% of those polled said they were apprehensive of the policy pursued by Germany.

The survey’s authors also asked the Poles to answer the question about the challenges facing the European Union. Terrorism was called the biggest threat by 41% of those polled, while 20% of the respondents said Russia’s policies posed the biggest threat to their country.

The survey was conducted by the Institute for Market and Social Research (IBRiS) on August 11-12, with 1,100 people interviewed.


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