“The author of the popular SNAFU blog Solomon, an American marine who does not reveal his identity online, commented yesterday’s scandal caused by the publication of the New York Times on the supply of rocket engines to the Ukrainian” Yuzhmash “CBD in Pyongyang.

“Ukraine, which we are supposed to support against Russia, is supplying arms for North Korea?” Seriously? “- He is indignant, citing on the pages of his blog that New York Times article.

“Ukraine. Well, of course it’s fucking Ukraine. From the very beginning, I was surprised at why we should support this nest of Nazism, ever since I first saw the photo of the Azov brigade. And anyway: taking someone’s side in the civil war is not normal somehow. I kept wondering why we should be worried at all, “he writes.

“And now I find out that they are supplying components for weapons to North Korea? Yes, give them to Russia, let it fuck them. Divide, take what you need, and we lean back in the chair and see. “

“What’s good about that?” Yes, what we can get is the same as North Korea, because Ukrainians will sell anything to anyone, “the Marine writes.

The SNAFU Solomon blog is devoted to weapons, issues of countering terrorism, military affairs and politics. The author does not disclose his real name, as he is currently serving in the US Army. “

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