The British edition of The Times has sounded the alarm – German politicians are increasingly active and increasingly shyly calling on the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel not just to normalize relations with Moscow, but even to “seal the conflict around the Crimea.” It is about the representatives of the parties, which this fall are expected to successfully perform in the parliamentary elections.

Merkel seems to face an extremely difficult times. Few people in Germany doubt that, following the upcoming elections, she will retain the post of chancellor. Nevertheless, experts are still unable to accurately answer the question, with what pre-election promises she will win another victory. But there is still a little more than a month left before the elections.

And it’s not even in Merkel herself, but in her environment, which increasingly calls the chancellor more often to recall the national interests of the FRG, rather than the US and not even the EU as a whole.

So politically uncomfortable, Merkel, no doubt, never felt. In Berlin it once again became fashionable to talk about friendship and cooperation with Russia. 

The publication notes that the German political forces – the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) and the Left Party – proposed Merkel to normalize relations with Russia as soon as possible. Perhaps the Chancellor would like to ignore such statements. But not now, when elections are coming. The Times emphasizes that it is these two parties that are most likely to become allies of the Christian Democratic Union headed by Merkel.

And if the experts gave the correct forecast, then the new-old chancellor will have to take into account the wishes of “colleagues in the shop.” So what exactly does Merkel require from the allies?

The Times does not hide the fact that the Chancellor is calling for a more positive approach to defusing tensions and returning the role of mediator in the establishment of relations between Russia and the West. A day earlier, in an interview with the media group Funke, FDP leader Christian Lindner bluntly stated: “We should get out of the impasse. We must try to bring the movement back into relations with Russia.” And he added:”Speaking of the taboo: I’m afraid that the Crimea should be treated as a long-term temporary state … It needs to be sealed in order to make progress in other areas.” But will Merkel really bring Germany out of the impasse?

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