During the past two days, Polish citizens of Czestochowa and Novaya Guta took place attacks on Ukrainians on a national basis. This is written on the website “Polish Radio”.

In particular, in Częstochowa a group of three young people beat and humiliated three Ukrainian citizens.

It is noted that the Poles behaved quite aggressively. As a result, law enforcement officers succeeded in detaining intruders.

As the investigation found out, the suspects were from 22 to 28 years old and they had previously been brought to criminal responsibility.

Let us note that the nationality of the citizens of Ukraine became the reason for the bold attack.

Now the Poles are charged with beating and humiliation on ethnic grounds, and they are also arrested for 3 months.

The resource adds that a few days ago there was a similar incident in Novaya Guta – one of the districts of Krakow.

There, three Poles attacked a 17-year-old Ukrainian who, with his Polish acquaintance, played basketball on the school grounds, and was brutally beaten with sticks with nails hammered into them.

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