Moldova’s President Igor Dodon will not let the neutral republic join military blocks, he said during Monday’s briefing held after visiting the Bulboaca firing range, the US-funded modernization of which had raised public concerns.

“Moldova must not be a member of any military blocks, be it NATO or other. If the government and the parliamentary majority, being motivated from abroad, attempt to draw Moldova in a regional military conflict as a participant of the geopolitical fight in the region, I will have to take severe measures to provide peace and national security. Together with Moldova’s people, we will direct our efforts to overthrow this power in every possible way,” Dodon said.

Appeals to bolster cooperation with NATO can often be heard from the leadership of the Democratic Party of Moldova that is controlling the country’s parliament. The country is cooperating with the alliance under the individual partnership plan signed in 2006 that was renewed in 2010. It stipulates expansion of cooperation with the alliance, under which NATO experts consult the Moldovan military. The republic, in its part, provides support for NATO peacekeeping operations by dispatching its servicemen there.

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