One of the most powrful Brigades of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) left more positions in Southern Sweida along the border with Jordan on Friday after the Syrian Army troops’ advances in the region.

With nearly 57km of border territory conceded to the Syrian army units and popular forces in less than 16 hours, the FSA’s Ahmad Al-Abdo Brigade was forced to abandon its positions and retreat across the Jordanian border.

As a result of their losses, the FSA have essentially given up on al-Sweida after more than a year of occupying the Eastern part of the province.

For the Syrian Army, the capture of the al-Sweida’s border with Jordan means the renewal of commerce between Damascus and Amman after more than two years of not sharing a crossing.

Relevant reports said on Thursday that the army on Thursday regained control of all joint bordering areas with Jordan in the Southeastern parts of Sweida as well as the entire Badiyeh (desert) region in the same province.

The army forces won back control of the 154th and 143th border posts and several other points along the border with Jordan.

Meantime, the army cleansed all points and bases at the common borders with Jordan and seized back control over the entire Badiyeh region in Sweida.

A military source also said that the army gained back control of a 4,000-sq/km of lands since the start of the operations in Badiyeh region in Sweida since last May.

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