EU imposes new sanctions against North Korea

The European Union has applied new sanctions against North Korea on Friday, adding nine people and four entities to the black list for this country in order to fulfill UN Security Council’s resolution 2371 of August 5, the Council of the European Union said in a statement published in the EU Official Journal.

“The Council has added 9 persons and 4 entities – including the state-owned Foreign Trade Bank (FTB) – to the lists of those subject to an asset freeze and travel restrictions,” the EU Council said in the statement.

Thus, the EU blacklist for North Korea includes now 103 people and 57 entities.

The UN Security Council tightened sanctions against North Korea for the missile tests carried out by the country on Saturday. In particular, the document sets an export ban for a whole number of minerals and products from North Korea, including coal, iron, lead and seafood. Countries that inked such contracts with North Korea have to complete importation of purchased minerals and goods within 30 days since the document’s adoption.

The resolution also prohibits the opening of new joint ventures or expansion of existing joint ventures with North Korean firms or people. According to the document, countries in which North Korean people are working are banned from increasing their number. The document also obliges states not to allow vessels into their ports if they were reported as violating the sanctions regime by the UN Security Council’s special committee, with exception given to cases of emergency.

The sanctions also include targeted measures against 13 people and entities linked to Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programs.


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