The Muravitsky case: Searches among opposition journalists began

The case of arrested oppositionist journalist Vasily Muravitsky from Zhytomyr is turned into mass pressure on unwanted reporters: as it became known to “Political Navigator”, the court gave the SBU permission to search the colleagues of a political prisoner.

The decision on the search of one of Muravitsky’s colleagues whose letters were in the mailbox, opened by the Security Service, on July 28 received the investigative judge of the Royal District Court Zhytomyr Galasyuk at the request of the SBU’s investigator Veselsky.

The guilt of Muravitsky’s colleague lies in the fact that he allegedly received from the arrested reporter by mail post tasks on preparing the texts “in a negative way for Ukraine.”

The judge’s decision says that the SBU can conduct a search of the house of Muravitsky’s colleague for 30 days from the moment the decision was taken.

At the same time, the SBU claims that Muravitsky “carried out orders” and received funding “from representatives of the anti-Ukrainian information structure of the Russian Federation’s “Russia Today”,” as well as to order other unidentified citizens.”


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