Scottish independence campaigners have turned on each other as Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes to break away from the UK hit the buffers.

Online supporters were seen as a strength for the campaign relentlessly, which was pushed relentlessly by the First Minister, before the hopes began to dwindle after this year’s general election.

Now many of those campaigners have turned on each other in a bitter feud as they attempt to figure out why they failed.

Social media spats are becoming the norm, with disputes over voting strategy and anger over the choice of front pages by a nationalist newspaper among the fights.

Leading officials in the “Yes” camp which led the independence campaign ahead of the 2014 referendum are confounded by the aggressiveness.

Ms Sturgeon has managed to remain out of the fight despite doggedly insisting on calling for ‘IndyRef2’ after the EU Referendum.

The move was devastating for her as she lost a third of the SNP’s Westminster seats in the June 2017 general election as Scots became fed-up with her insistence on splitting up the UK.

It took the massive polling failure for her to back down on calling for another referendum as early as autumn 2018.

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