Thanks to the new service, Perspective, Google offers a way in which, in particular, news sites can differentiate readers’ comments on their “toxicity”. Thus, there is a new form of censorship and control of thinking from the “world’s better” Google and its partners Wikipedia, The New York Times, The Economist and The Guardian. Google perceives ‘toxic’ comments, which in theory should hinder discussion and be offensive to other users. The program using artificial intelligence will determine the degree of toxicity of a comment. New comments are compared with templates in the database, and thus the degree of their toxicity is determined on a scale from 0 to 100. An example can be seen in the following video:

The higher the value, the more “toxic” is the comment. “The software is constantly learning,” says Jared Cohen, the head of the developer company Jigsaw.

On the page “Perspektive” everyone can test a new service, which is currently offered only in English. Jouwatch did this, and the result is following:

This software is an attempt to direct freedom of speech in the right political channel. Thus, this is a dangerous tool in the hands of government ideologists, to deprive them of the opportunity to voice their discontent. Google originally developed this program in order to guarantee freedom of speech, as many online newspapers turned off the comment function on the basis of so-called hate comments. In fact, it turned out quite the opposite.
Here’s an example:

However, if you type Obama is a bad president, the level of toxicity will be around 90%. Merkel is a bad chancellor query shows 94% toxicity. Merkel is a traitor – produces 97% toxicity. Thus, this program will fully control the comments left by Internet users, completely putting an end to the freedom of speech.

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