Syrian security forces have foiled a terrorist attack in Salhab town in northern Hama countryside.

Security forces clashed with a terrorist cell of three members while they were trying to infiltrate into the town killing of 2 attackers and capturing the third. The terrorists tried to infiltrate into the town using ID cards stolen from villages near Salhab town, according to an official source.

Security sources revealed that the terrorists were armed with 3 AK-47s rifles and hand grenades. They also carried 6 explosive belts and 5 IEDs. According to the source, the terrorists were planning to target several civilian, government and security sites in Salhab.

The terrorists are believed to be members of ISIS. The terrorist group has carried out similar attacks in Iraq but ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility for the failed attack.

Security forces also targeted and destroyed a VBIED before entering Tartous city last month.

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