Internal Security Forces have arrested recently a Lebanese man in the Akkar border region of Wadi Khaled over his involvement with the Islamic State group, and plotting to carry out terror attacks against the Lebanese army and security agencies, the ISF said in a statement on Monday.

The ISF said that “a special force of its division have arrested the suspect who was identified by his initials as A.Aa. late in July during a quick operation in the area.”

The suspect admitted to having “embraced the ideology of the IS and started following up on the news feed about the IS via the internet.”

Early in 2017, the man said he got acquainted with one of the IS cadres via Facebook in the southern refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh who asked him for a safe way of communicating via the internet.

The detainee asked the IS cadre for assistance in engaging among the ranks of the IS in Syria, which he was told was a mission “hard to accomplish.” But he was tasked instead with “monitoring the military barracks of the Lebanese army and security apparatuses in the area where he resides, with plans to target them with bomb explosions,” added the statement.

The detainee was referred to the related military authorities.

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