Can you imagine that nine-digit amounts of money income from German citizens’ taxes are sent for arming the armies of other countries?

Again and again Israel buys German military equipment with one condition: Israel does not pay the full amount. How high is this “discount of friendship”? Of course, not all deals on the supply of weapons are known, but Germany deservedly, along with the United States and France, is considered the largest supplier of arms to Israel. Only in the period from 2001 to 2013 Germany approved supplies worth 879 million euros. This situation is ticklish because, according to its basic principle, Germany can not supply weapons to crisis areas. The size of the financing of these projects was not known.

At the same time, we are talking about six submarines worth more than 1 billion euros. Funds for financing such a project were taken from the federal budget in 2012, namely, most of them are receipts from taxpayers. At the same time, the deal is more than controversial, since submarines, among other things, can be equipped with nuclear weapons. In addition, they are equipped with a fuel cell drive with a high power reserve. In 2015, Israel commissioned ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems to build four warships that should be ready by 2020. Germany contributed about one-third of the purchase volume of 430 million euros. Also a year before, Israel ordered the construction of two corvettes. The purchase price is about 1 billion euros, while the federal government would like to contribute a share of approximately 300 million euros, again from tax revenues. In 2016 Israel is considering the purchase of the next three submarines. Boats Dolphinklasse should cost 600 million euros apiece. The federal government is ready to finance this project with six-figure sums.

By supplying weapons to such a state as Israel, the German Federal Government becomes implicated in all acts committed by Israel.

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