Mila Kunis: I’m at home, I want to speak in my native, Russian language

On August 6, American actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher visited the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. Note that this is the hometown of Kunis.

The stars arrived in Chernivtsi just a few hours from Hungarian Budapest, where they participate in the shooting of the movie. Director Sergei Skobun held an excursion.

According to him, Kunis and Kutcher arrived in Ukraine on personal issues. They really liked the city. The only thing they did not like were bad Ukrainian roads, the director added.

Skobun noted that first they all spoke in English, after which Mila Kunis asked to switch to Russian.

“I’m at home, and I want to speak in my native language,” said the Hollywood actress.

Even an actress of the same scale as Mila Kunis does not see the differences between Russians and Ukrainians, and does not believe that the state language imposed by the authorities of this country is the only native language for its inhabitants.