A new poll shows that one-third of Bavaria wants to break free from Germany and the European Union with a Brexit-like vote to get control back over the state.

At least one-third of the largest German state wants to gain independence from Berlin and Brussels, a new poll shows.

The poll, published by the newspaper Bild, shows that 32% of the Free State of Bavaria wants to get away from the central power of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her European Union allies.

The Chairman of the Bayernpartei (Party of Bavaria) told RT UK that the state should be allowed to make its own decision independently from Berlin.

“We believe that Bavaria should be together and should decide its own economic situation, its own democratic situation, its own cultural situation.”

Weber explained that Bavaria doesn’t have the influence it deserves considering its size and the number of inhabitants.

“Now we are ruled by Berlin or Brussels. These people decide over the people of Bavaria and we have no influence in the so-called European Parliament. We have only 13 members for Bavaria. Greece, which has fewer inhabitants, has about 25.” 

According to 2015 estimates, nearly 13 million people live in Bavaria compared to the 11 million who live in the whole of Greece.

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