The UN Security Council voted in favour of imposing new sanctions on North Korea at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Saturday, in reaction to the country’s recent missile tests. 

SOT, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Envoy to the UN (Russian): “The Russian Federation supported the adoption of the Security Council Sanctions Resolution 2371 against the DPRK. We understand the need to halt Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programme which is unacceptable to us. We share the feeling of neighboring states in the region the ballistic missiles which were launched without warning from North Korea pose a major risk to marine and air transit in the region as well as to the lives of ordinary ciizilians.”

SOT, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Envoy to the UN (Russian): “All must understand that progress towards the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula will be difficult so long as the DPRK perceives a direct threat to their security for that is how the North Koreans view the military build-up in the region which takes on the forms of frequent and wide-ranging exercises and manoeuvres by the US and their allies as they destroy strategic bombers, naval forces, and aircraft carriers. Another destabilising factor in the region is the scaling up in North Korea of the THAAD, the US anti-missile defence elements. We repeatedly noted not only that this constantly proves an irritant, but this undermines the overall military balance in the region and calls into question the security of neighbouring states. We’d like to hope that the US secretary of state’s assurances were sincere that the US is not seeking to dismantle the existing DPRK system or to forcibly unite the peninsula or militarily intervene in the country.”

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