Stanislav Stremydlovsky: Deterioration of German-Polish relations connected with the internal political struggle in Poland

It’s no secret that a significant part of the opposition, and making a stand against the ruling party “Right and Justice” (PiS), has long been oriented towards Berlin. In addition, German concerns control almost 90% of the regional Polish press and are seriously represented in the national press. This does not meet views of the current authorities, who are playing the map of Germany.

Hence, many public initiatives of Warsaw, such as the permanently raising theme of the claim of reparations payments from Germany for the Nazis’ actions during the Second World War. Other actions are also being taken.

PiS recently launched a reform that will allow it to monitor the country’s judicial system in the event of its passage. Simultaneously there are reports that the ruling party is preparing to amend the legislation on the media this autumn. Some experts in this regard predict that after the “Right and Justice” will carry out judicial reform, the next step will be the squeezing German owners from the Polish media out of the country. It is clear that Berlin does not like this, hence the appearance in the German press of various publications that represent Poland and its authorities in an unfavorable foreshortening. Of course, there is a certain truth in this.

Indeed, the Polish society is hostile to the idea of ​​accommodating refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, which makes a prejudiced attitude towards migrant-like people, in other words – swarthy, with a dark skin color. There are incidents when they are shown aggression, while, fortunately, mostly on the verbal level. But if we look at Germany, is there less aggression there? Not at all. Especially if you count how many times the refugees themselves showed negative emotions and actions towards the local German population.