Experts from Serbia comment on the US proposal to replace the failed “South Stream” with US gas from storage facilities in the Croatian city of Krk or through Azerbaijan. The Balkans believe that the first option is too expensive, and the second can not offer sufficient volumes of blue fuel.

Vojislav Vouletic from the Gas Association says that “the Americans can offer what they want, but the Azerbaijani gas can not reach us, because it is involved in the TAP project, which the UK is engaged in.”

“So those 15-16 billion cubic meters are already involved, they go to South Italy, and I do not know anything about the other Azerbaijani gas !,” the Serbian expert said.

Experts unanimously express the opinion that because of the US proposal there is a desire to take control of the world gas market.

The editor-in-chief of the site “Energoportal” Dragan Nedeljkovic also spoke about the role of the United States in the current situation.

“The Americans allegedly discovered an even simpler way of getting gas from shale and sand. But it’s an ear on clay feet, American analysts say it’s a hoax, and neither cheap gas nor cheap oil will be produced in the US. “
Since the process of obtaining such gas in the US is expensive, and gas from Croatia would have turned out to be expensive, Nedeljkovic continued.

Answering the question about Azerbaijan, he said that the project itself is good, but there is no enough gas there.

“The Americans have exaggerated somewhat because they need competition with Russia, they want to squeeze it out of the European gas market.”

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