Pyongyang believes that a new US law, toughening sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, is a criminal act, North Korea’s KCNA news agency quoted a statement by country’s Foreign Ministry as saying on Friday.

“The adoption of another bill on unilateral sanctions, imposed on sovereign states by the US, is a criminal act. It directly challenges the UN Charter and the international law,” the statement says.

“North Korea strongly rejects and condemns the so-called unilateral US sanctions. Other states should also give a serious thought to those outrageous and illegal actions by the US government,” the North Korean Foreign Ministry said.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump signed the bill envisioning tougher sanctions against Russia, Iran and the DPRK. The US Congress passed the document overwhelmingly last week. Trump said in a statement on the occasion of signing of the law the document was flawed and some of its provisions stood at variance with the US Constitution.

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