Participants in the car race Berlin-Moscow began to arrive in Crimea, TASS reported.

As Natalya Serdyukova, the coordinator of the motor rally in the Crimea, 340 people in the car race, 50 of them have already arrived, the rest are on other routes in Russia.

“The whole column is five cars, a big bus, three autocamps and a motorcyclist. These are the ones who reached (to the Crimea), “said Serdyukova.

During the visit, a meeting with the deputies of the State Council of the Crimea, laying flowers and wreaths to the memorials of the Great Patriotic War, visiting the German cemetery, and participation in the festival # ZBFest, which starts on Friday in Sevastopol on the occasion of World Champagne Day.

The motor race of friendship Berlin – Moscow started in Germany on July 23.

In March, the NSC reported that the motor road “Roads of Memory” started in Kaliningrad.

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