Kosovo faces potential political crisis after the new Assembly in Pristina failed to elect its president, AFP is reporting.

Tanjug cited the report on Friday, which said the outcome is “casting doubt on whether the coalition that won June’s snap polls can muster a majority.”

The choice of Assembly president indicates whether the so-called “war coalition,” whose candidate for prime minister is Ramush Haradinaj, can get him elected. 

This coalition has only 39 out of 120 seats in the Assembly, the agency noted. 

The Self-Determination party, described as “nationalist-leftist,” came in second in the June 11 election, followed by the LDK-led coalition – both of whom are refusing to join the war coalition – “which has prevented the formation of a stable government.” 

The failure to vote on a speaker has left observers worried that Kosovo could be headed for fresh elections, the French agency said.

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