Hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark have suffered a major breakdown in IT systems on Friday, regional authorities said.

The breakdown reportedly started at 07:20am Friday and affected computers, telephones and call centers.

The Capital Region of Denmark, the easternmost region of the country, has a population of about 1.8 million people. It includes the municipality of Copenhagen, the Danish capital and the most populous city.

“Capital Region of Denmark hit by network outages [in the IT systems]. Error localized and networks are expected to work again soon,” local authorities tweeted.

Later they said that the problem of the IT breakdown had been resolved, but some functions are still not working.

“It’s still too early to say whether [the breakdown] is going to affect today’s program of planned operations,” an official from the Capital Region authorities told TV 2 News channel.

According to TV 2 sources, the planned operations will be delayed.

It is still early to say if a cyberattack precipitated the IT breakdown, a spokesman for the region told Reuters.

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