In the United States, the British programmer Marcus Hutchins was arrested for stopping the spread of the computer virus WannaCry. Employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Hutchins at the airport in Las Vegas.

The reaction of the British authorities attracts attention. After reporting to London about the detention of a British citizen, a message came from the United Kingdom that “this is a matter for the authorities of the United States.” Such a resolution was issued by the British National Agency for Combating Crime. This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

It is not superfluous to recall that in May of this year the WannaCry virus began the defeat of networks in dozens of countries around the world. That the virus named “Petya” is a variant of the WannaCry virus. Which brought shokher in the computer network of Ukraine and spurred the already not stopping anti-Russian hysteria in the power offices of Kiev.

The arrest of a man who stopped the further spread of the virus, looks, to put it mildly, strange. And it is hardly necessary to be surprised if in the United States the British Hutchins will be declared an ally of “Russian hackers” – if he suddenly decides to refuse to cooperate with the American special services.

Source: Cynic Blog

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