Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the command to start pouring the foundation for the Amur Gas Processing Plant, the largest in Russia’s history, with the words ‘Let’s do it,’ during a visit to the Nizhne-Bureyskaya hydroelectric power station in the Amur Region, Thursday.

The Amur Gas Processing Plant is located along the route of the Power of Siberia pipeline and will facilitate the gasification of the region.

SOT, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian):”Over the past 50 years, projects like this have not been implemented, in fact, such projects have never been implemented – neither in the Soviet Union nor in Russia on this scale, because a comparable plant of this kind was built in the Soviet Union in Orenburg, its capacity was 38 billion cubic metres of gas, and here it will be 42 billion [cubic metres of natural gas per year].”

SOT, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian):”This [construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant] will give an opportunity not only to develop the gas industry, but will also create the conditions for the construction of another large plant in the country and in the world – a gas chemical plant, where tens of thousands of people will also work on construction. And then, a large number of people [will work] in the operation of the enterprise itself, which will enable us not only to fulfil our export obligations, but also to expand the gasification of Yakutia, start the gasification of the Amur Region, because now [the gasification level] is practically zero.”

SOT, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian):”Let’s do it!”

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