The Polish authorities are considering the possibility of demanding that Germany pay reparations in connection with Poland’s losses during the Second World War.

The commission of the Polish parliament is studying such an opportunity, and, according to the deputy from the ruling party “Law and Justice” Arkadiusz Mularchik, the decision will be made by August 11.

This question was taken up by parliamentarians after the leader of the ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, stated that Poland was preparing for a “historical counterattack”.

“We are talking about huge sums, as well as the fact that Germany for many years refused to be responsible for the Second World War,” Kaczynski told reporters. He considered it necessary to demand reparation 10 years ago, when he held the post of prime minister. Then it caused a cooling of relations between Warsaw and Berlin.

Polish Defense Minister Anthony Matserevich also participates in the discussions, saying that the Germans must “pay for the terrible damage that was inflicted on the Polish people.”

During the Second World War, about 6 million Poles were killed. In addition, the country was inflicted enormous material damage.

In the 1950s Poland agreed not to demand compensation, but today’s Polish politicians insist that the decision is not valid, since Poland was a “puppet of the Soviet Union”.

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