Following clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters and ISIS gangs, several significant spots have been cleared. Large numbers of civilians have been rescued and transported to safe zones.

The operation to liberate Raqqa continues on day 57. SDF fighters have advanced in the al-Barid neighborhood in northwestern Raqqa and in al-Idxar lodgings, and cleared several spots of gangs. 4 gang members have been killed in this area.

In clashes in the al-Diriyah neighborhood 3 gang members have been killed and many others were wounded.

The fighters’ advance continues in the Nazlat Shehade neighborhood to the south of the city which has been the site for intense clashes recently. Fighters disable landmines in this area and are opening a security corridor for civilians. In late night clashes 5 gang members have been killed.

SDF fighters are trying to save the civilians trapped around the Engineering Faculty in the Hisham Bin Abdulmalik neighborhood, which has been taken under control for the most part. Civilians who managed to escape the gangs in the area are heading towards liberated zones. Some civilians have been wounded due to landmines laid along the civilians’ passage route by the gangs. Many civilians are hiding in houses to avoid being targeted by the gangs.

One ISIS assassin has also been killed in the vicinity of the faculty.

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