The program of recruitment and training of foreign citizens in the US armed forces is fraught with “potential dangers to national security” of the United States. As Fox News reported on Tuesday, such a conclusion was made by the Pentagon General Inspectorate based on the results of testing the effectiveness of this program (called Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest or MAVNI).

According to the TV channel, MAVNI is not yet closed, but the US Department of Defense ordered to temporarily stop the recruitment of foreigners in the armed forces of the country.

Officially, the conclusions of the military inspectors are not disclosed. However, according to the sources of the channel, the program was implemented in conditions of neglect of military discipline, which entailed such problems as unauthorized absences and desertion of new recruits. In the Congress and in the command of the Armed Forces, it is believed that MAVNI represents an easy way to introduce spies of intelligence agencies of other states.

During the presidency of George W. Bush, the junior commander of the warrior
The strength of the country’s forces has become more active in recruiting experienced doctors and multilingual people from among migrants and even illegal migrants. For their service, they were promised an accelerated procedure for obtaining a residence permit and US citizenship. This chance was used by about 10 thousand people, most of whom joined the ranks of the ground forces.

The administration of the new president, Donald Trump, has not yet definitively decided on this issue. Trump promised to help recruits of this category, but the final decision should be made by the Minister of Justice, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who takes a more cautious stance than the head of state. For the administration, the issue of enforcing decrees in the field of toughening immigration is more relevant.

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