For Serbia, at the moment, it is best to stop the negotiation process in Brussels on Kosovo and Metohija, said the political representative of the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija, the former chairman of the municipality of Strpce Zvonko Mikhailovich. Thus, he commented on the EADaily article by Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic in the Serbian edition of Blic, which mentions “a distinction between what is Serbian and what Albanian” is the basis of “the only possible long-term compromise” with the Albanian side.

According to Mikhailovich, we must not forget that Ivica Dacic and her Socialist Party of Serbia have been in power for 25 years. “When he talks about something, keep in mind that this is primarily aimed at preserving power. This is the fight for the chair. So his statements do not have the necessary weight, “Zvonko Mikhailovich believes. “Where did he get the right to squander something that does not belong to him?” – he wondered.

Mikhailovich also recalled that it was Ivica Dacic who signed the Brussels agreements, because of which the Serbian state lost a number of powers in Kosovo, without conducting any preliminary consultations with the Kosovo Serbs. Therefore Zvonko Mihajlovich does not consider Ivica Dacic the best candidate for a dialogue with the Kosovo Albanians on the protection of Serbian interests in the province.

“At the moment, Serbia should freeze the talks in Brussels. Connect Russia as a defender of Serbian interests. Stop the rapprochement with the EU and move the dialogue to the UN, where Serbia has friends. All the rest is erroneous and harms the Serbian national interests, “Zvonko Mikhailovich told EADaily.

EADaily recalls that the issue of “internal dialogue on Kosovo” was raised by Serbian President Alexander Vučić in his author’s article with the Serbian edition of Blic in July. He urged the Serbian public not to postpone the solution of the Kosovo and Metohija issue and to propose ideas that could lead to a long-term solution to the issue of the southern Serbian province, based on a compromise between the Serbs and the Albanians.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic later also published an article in Blic, in which he stressed that he would discuss the possibility of dividing the province with Alexander Vucic.

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