The American newspaper The Wall Street Journal publishes material in which reports on the plans of the United States to supply the Ukrainian army with anti-tank and antiaircraft weapons.

At the same time, the article states that the deliveries will be carried out allegedly to those Ukrainian units and units that “are far from the line of contact”. Moreover, it was announced that Ukraine “undertakes” to use American lethal armaments exclusively “in case of emergency”.

What are the cases for Ukraine that are “urgent”, considering the fact that almost all of their armaments are used daily, in spite of all previously reached agreements?

As Pentagon chief James Mattis said: “Deliveries of the lethal weapons of Ukraine will help reduce the risks of a new escalation of the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine.”

The arguments are very original. After all, it’s like giving matches and gasoline to a crazy man, stating that in this way the risks of a new fire in a flame-engulfed home can be reduced.

At the same time, eyewitnesses record congestions of the American, by no means against, but the most real tank weaponry. Long decommissioned by appearance, but accumulated for disposal on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

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