The Syrian Army aircraft carried out several rounds of combat flights over ISIS movements and supply lines in the provinces of Homs, Raqqa and Hama, inflicting major damage on their vehicles and positions.

The fighter jets bombed ISIS positions and supply lines heavily in areas surrounding the town of Humeimeh, at Homs border with Deir Ezzur, al-Sukhnah region North-East of Palmyra city and in the village of Mosheirefeh in Jubb al-Jarah region in Eastern Homs.

The warplanes further targeted ISIS concentration centers in the village of al-Rabiyeh in the Southern territories of Raqqa province, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

In the meantime, ISIS movement and positions in the villages of Dakileh al-Shamali, Dalileh al-Janoubi, Salba and Jarouh, Qalib al-Thor, Jani al-Albawi and Wadi al-Azib in Eastern Hama came under heavy attack by army aircraft.

ISIS lost a number of forces and its military vehicles and command centers sustained damage in the air raids in Eastern Hama.  

Relevant reports said on Thursday that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets hit ISIS military positions in al-Qastal, al-Hanouteh, Jarouh, Abu al-Fashafish, al-Rawyza, Abu Hanaya, Abu Habilat, Qalib al-Thur, Salba, al-Dakileh, al-Hardaneh, Masadeh, al-Makiman and Jeni al-Ablabawi, killing a large number of terrorists and destroying their military positions and equipment.

Meantime, the Syrian army killed the entire militants of a group of ISIS terrorists at al-Zakiyeh junction in Eastern Ithriya who were trying to penetrate into Ithriya-Rasafeh road in Eastern Hama.

The army troops also foiled an attempt by a group of Al-Nusra terrorists who intended to open their way into Salamiyah-Homs road near the town of Khanifis and pushed them back.

A large number of terrorists were killed and wounded in clashes with the Syrian soldiers and their military equipment was also destroyed.

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