Vice President Mike Pence on a visit to Estonia pledged Monday unwavering support of NATO allies and steadfast resistance to “Russian aggression”, especially in Baltic states that have been feeling intense pressure from Moscow.

Mr. Pence said he was in Eastern Europe to deliver a message from President Trump that the “the United States of America is with you.”

“At this very moment, Russia continues to seek to redraw international borders by force, undermine the democracies of sovereign nations, and divide the free nations of Europe against one another,” Mr. Pence said in a speech after meeting with the presidents of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuiana.

“Under President Donald Trump, the United States of America rejects any attempt to use force, threats, intimidation, or malign influence in the Baltic states or against any of our treaty allies,” he said.

The tough talk came amid mounting tension between Washington and Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin expelling 755 U.S. diplomats in retaliation for new sanctions legislation Mr. Trump is expected to sign.

“To be clear: We hope for better days, and better relations with Russia, recent diplomatic action taken by Moscow will not deter the commitment of the United States to our security, the security of our allies, and the security of freedom-loving nations around the world,” Mr. Pence said.

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