The Turkish Army has built a new road in Northern Aleppo to use it in its imminent operation against the Kurdish fighters in Afrin region, local media outlet reported.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that the Turkish army’s engineering units have constructed military roads in the region under their control adjacent to the village of Kardu in Bolboleh region, adding that the army has dispatched a large volume of military equipment and a large number of soldiers to Bolboleh border region.

Hawar news added that the engineering units have constructed a 3-kolometer-long road with 6m of width.

The road is 300m away from Kardu, Hawar news said, adding that the Turkish army is to use the road for its imminent operation against Kurds.

In the meantime, the Turkish military is building a 5-kilometer-long buffer wall between the villages of Obeidan in Bolboleh and Marsou in Shara region.

Relevant reports said last week that the Turkish spying plans and fighter jets were spotted flying over Afrin and Shahaba regions in Northern Syria.

Reports said that a spying plane and a warplane of the Turkish Air Force flew over Shi’h, Jandriseh, Rajou and Shirava areas in Afrin region.

Also, another spying plane flew over several areas in Shahba region.

In the meantime, the missile units of the Turkish army and Ankara-backed militants deployed in the towns of Marea, Tal Maled and several villages in Shahba region shelled the village of Iska in Afrin.

Also, the mortar units of the Turkish army and its affiliated militants deployed in Dar al-Ezzah in Western Aleppo targeted the village of Iska.

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