The Syrian democratic forces and the “People’s Protection Units” began a massive attack on the position of terrorists in Raqqa. The militants respond with reciprocal fire. Both sides bear losses.

On the position of the “Islamic State” terrorist group in Raqqa, a massive offensive was launched by the Syrian democratic forces. According to the military source Nation News in Syria Tarek Halabi, the militants are hiding in the western districts of the province.

In the Al-Nahd area, terrorists are attacked by the SDF allies “People’s Protection Units”.

ISIS attacked the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. In the battle with the terrorists seven Kurds fell. Dozens of fighters of the Kurdish resistance in the Al-Karama area were also killed and wounded.

The attack of the terrorists of the “Islamic state” on Nazlat Shihad was repulsed. Forces of SDF were destroyed by 41 terrorists.

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