Iran: Iranian lawmakers unianimously approve bill countering ‘terrorist US actions’

Iranian lawmakers unanimously approved general outlines of a bill countering ‘hostile US measures against Iran,’ Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said in Tehran, Saturday.

SOT, Abbas Araghchi, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister (Farsi): “I think today we had a good and comprehensive conversation regarding the new ruling of the United State congress and its consequences, influences and results. There was a good comprehensive consensus in the commission regarding this hostile action that the United States Congress has taken against the Islamic Republic of Iran and a strong reaction should be taken. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the details of the issue and relevant opinions have been explained and the Ministry of Foreign affairs completely agrees with a draft that friends have prepared. We need a suitable reaction against these hostile actions of the US especially, because of the effects that influence JPCOA and reduce the profits of the Islamic Republic of Iran of JPCOA, because of this reason its violation of JPCOA the violation of section 26-28-29, and we are happy that there was a comprehensive consensus in the commission about this.” 

SOT, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman for the Iranian Parliament’s Committee for Foreign Policy (Farsi): “A plan for dealing with the hostile and terroristic actions of the US in the region has been pased unanimously in the parliamentary commission. The message of the unanimous vote is that there is coordination and unity in the Iranian parliament for taking actions against the US Congress’ measures, and regarding the special National Security Commission and Foreign Policies, after a long two hours of conversation, they all agreed to have these general points passed and certainly need to hold more meetings because different offers have been sent to the commission.” 


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