For a day the number of victims in protests in Venezuela has increased to three. The total number of victims reached 103 people.

On Wednesday evening in Merida, a young man named Anderson Caldera was killed. He received, presumably, a gunshot wound.

The victim was hospitalized, but died in the hospital. Earlier in Merida on the same day, another protester died. The third victim was a sixteen-year-old boy in the Caracas area of ​​Petare.

Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday, participants in mass protests in Venezuela set fire to an armored personnel carrier of the national guard and one of the strongholds of this power structure in the Petare area in Caracas.

Mass protests in Venezuela began in April after the Supreme Court restricted the power of the opposition National Assembly. Despite the cancellation of the decision, supporters of the opposition took to the streets. People demanded the resignation of judges and early elections. Later they also opposed President Nicholas Maduro’s initiative to convene a constituent assembly.

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