According to Al-Masdar, air support for Syrian government aviation helped Hezbollah’s forces advance in the Wadi al-Humaida area. Also, the Syrian Air Force, under the control of Hezbollah, conducted an air raid in the Al-Qaa area in north-eastern Lebanon, focusing on the position of the “Islamic State” * (IS *, ISIS, Arab Daesh – the terrorist organizations are banned by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation) in the northern part The Kalamun Mountains.

The video shows weapons, ammunition, caves and tunnels captured by Hezbollah detachments. Among the things thrown to Hezbollah are mortars, partially assembled, a 14.5 mm ZPU anti-aircraft gun, which lacks four barrels, a series of caves stocked with supplies and a tunnel that Hezbollah describes as an escape point for Jihadist fighters.

The Syrian Army and Hezbollah forces succeeded in driving most of the jihadists out of the Arsal steppes and hills over the past four days, now only about 8% of this region is still under the control of Al Qaeda +

Now, the Lebanese army and Hezbollah, with the support of the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces, are trying to take control of the last jihadist facilities near the Syrian border crossing.

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