By Freeman

“Since childhood, Europeans are poured certain patterns into their ears, which must be taken as the truth in the last resort,” – this was written on the network by a German blogger.

“We are talking about “truths”, which explain some of the actions of America, which are the incitement of military conflicts. We see that all the wars waged by America are based on lies, on a distorted display of reality, on the demonization of the enemy, so that the American society, which in fact is against wars, supported the actions of its government.”

According to him, all these actions are aimed to unleash the Third World War.

“The huge lies that are being told to us now must cause concern, since everything is going on to unleash the 3rd World War. In this lie, it is asserted that Russia intervened in the presidential elections in America. The assertion that Russia is threatening its neighbors and the West, respectively, is in general a very dangerous lie,” – writes the blogger.

“With the help of a controlled press, the image of the aggressor Russia is successfully created, but at the same time, the bloody coup d’état on the Maidan in 2014 is completely ignored. People are poured into the ears of the “truth” that the Crimea was forcibly annexed, completely missing out on that moment. That a referendum was held on the peninsula, as a result of which 90% of Crimeans voted for reunification with Russia. It was this lie that led Western leaders and the US government, imposing sanctions against Russia.”

He does not believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation “stole” the “Ukrainian” Crimea.

“Big Lie today: The reason for the sanctions against Russia is that Putin and Russia “stole” the “Ukrainian” Crimea. Big Truth: US President Barack Hussein Obama captured Ukraine, namely through a coup in February 2014! This bloody overthrow of the legitimate government in Kiev occurred on the propaganda prepared for many years and implemented by the budget of 5 billion US dollars, sponsored by the State Department and the CIA.

Washington wants to approve a “defense budget” of almost 700 billion dollars in 2018.

I’m afraid that a big lie becomes a prerequisite for the 3rd World War!”

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